Abbas condemns IAF air strike near his Gaza office

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas condemned an Israeli missile strike near his Gaza office and appealed for international action to stop the attacks. IAF planes on Tuesday fired three missiles into a Gaza security compound where Abbas has his office. The complex is mostly abandoned, and Abbas was in the West Bank at the time. It was the first such Israeli attack since Hamas took power last week. The military refused to comment about the purpose of the raid, but Abbas did not appear to be the target, either directly or indirectly. Security officials have been saying that Israel needs to send clear messages to Hamas that it must halt attacks, and Israel pledged to intensify its military strikes after Gaza terrorists fired a Katyusha rocket at Israel last week for the first time. The missile strike at the compound, hit often in previous years, dug deep craters and wounded two police officers. Abbas' office is about 100 meters from the targeted security compound.