Ahmadinejad bans use of foreign words in Farsi

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has ordered government and cultural bodies to use the modified Persian words instead of foreign words, turning pizzas into "elastic loaves," official and domestic media reported on Saturday. The presidential decree, issued earlier this week, orders all governmental agencies, newspapers and publications to use words deigned more appropriate by the official language watchdog, the Farhangestan Zaban e Farsi or Persian Academy, the Irna official news agency reported. The academy has introduced more than 2,000 words as alternatives for some of the foreign words that have crept into the Farsi vocabulary, mostly western. The government is less sensitive about Arabic words, because the Koran is written in Arabic. Among other changes, "short talk" is the alternative to "chat" while a "cabin" will be renamed a "small room," according to official Web site of the academy.