Arab papers slam Nasrallah, dub him irresponsible

Arab newspapers openly criticized Hizbullah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, Israel Radio reported Tuesday. Several of them specifically targeted his speech on Sunday, during which he said that had he known Israel's response would be so harsh, Hizbullah would not have gone through with July 12 kidnapping of reserve soldiers Goldwasser and Regev. On the front page of Kuwait's Assi Assa's newspaper, Nasrallah was labeled an "adventurer" who was "unaware of his actions" and "does not understand what he has done to Lebanon". The newspaper's editor, Ahmad Aljarala, called on Nasrallah to submit to the Lebanese government's authority and to give up all arms in the possession of Hizbullah to the government. Egyptian newspaper Al Ahbar reported that Nasrallah's words came too late after the loss of thousands of Lebanese civilians. Saudi Arabia's Al Watan called Hizbullah's kidnapping "irresponsible."