Baghdad: 4 bombs kill 14 people, wound 45

Four bomb attacks targeting police patrols in Baghdad left at least 14 people dead and more than 40 wounded on Thursday morning, police said. A suicide car bomb targeting a police patrol outside a gas station near the Elouya Hospital in central Baghdad killed 10 people, including three policemen and wounded 21 people, including seven policemen, police said. The blast damaged 20 cars, including six police vehicles, as well as several nearby shops. Earlier, a bomb hidden under a parked car near al-Nidaa Mosque in northern Baghdad exploded as a police patrol passed by, killing three civilians and wounding another 20, police Lt. Thair Mahmoud said. The wounded included several members of the Iraqi security forces, Zakariyah Hassan of the Azamiyah police said. In western Baghdad, a roadside bomb in Qahtan Square near Yarmouk hospital wounded four people, including a policeman, Mahmoud said. Elsewhere, in the upscale district of Mansour, a roadside bomb explosion killed a man as he accompanied his daughter to take an academic exam, police said. His daughter was injured in the blast.