Baghdad: Roadside bombs kill 6, wound 13 Iraqis

Three roadside bombs exploded one after another in Baghdad on Sunday morning, killing a total of six Iraqis and wounding 13, police said. The worst attack missed a police patrol in Palestine street in eastern Baghdad, one of the capital's main thoroughfares, at 9:30 a.m., but hit a civilian bus, killing five people, including a woman and two children, and wounding a police officer, said police Lt. Ali Mitaab. About a half hour later, a roadside bomb missed a police patrol in central Baghdad, but wounded seven civilians, said police 1st Lt. Taheyr Mahmoud. About the same time, a police patrol hit a roadside bomb in Baghdad's northern district of Azamiyah, killing one policeman and wounding five, said police 1st. Lt. Ahmed Mohamed Ali said.