Burning Iranian oil tanker finally sinks after Jan. 6 accident

Iranian Army Rangers unable to board the burning ship, crew still missing.

Iranian oil tanker has "suddenly ignited" and sunk - Chinese state TV (REUTERS)
BEIJING - A burning Iranian oil tanker that had drifted into Japan's exclusive economic zone has sunk after a collision on Jan. 6, Chinese state television said on Sunday.
The ship which had 32 mariners on board, carrying almost 1 million barrels of condensate, has been ablaze for almost a week since it collided with another vessel in the East China Sea.
Two bodies were recovered from the tanker a day earlier, when a four-member salvage team managed to get on board.
According to CCTV, footage filmed off a screen in the Shanghai Maritime Search and Rescue Centre showed the flames of the burning ship rising as high as 800 to 1000 metres.