Death toll from suicide bombing at Baghdad funeral rises to 36

Police on Wednesday increased the toll from a suicide bombing at a funeral in Baghdad the previous day to 36 killed and 37 wounded. The bomber detonated his explosives amid men gathered in the capital's eastern Zayouna neighborhood, a mixed Shi'ite and Sunni district, for the funeral of Nabil Hussein Jassim, a retired Iraqi Army officer killed last week in a car bombing blamed on al-Qaida in Iraq. That attack, in the capital's downtown Tayaran Square, had killed 14 people. "At the end of a three-day mourning period, a terrorist blew up himself in the mourning tent, leaving bodies scattered," one of the injured men, who gave his name only as Abu Hasanain, told AP Television from his bed in al-Kindi Teaching Hospital Wednesday. Outside the hospital, relatives wept as the remains of the victims were carried out and placed into coffins.