Egyptian weekly urges Americans to execute Bush

Cover of magazine has altered photo of Saddam execution with Bush's head replacing Hussein's.

Bush 298.88 (photo credit: AP)
Bush 298.88
(photo credit: AP)
On the cover of its January 6 issue, the mainstream Egyptian weekly Roz Al-Yousef features a manipulated photo of Saddam Hussein's execution, in which Saddam's head is replaced with that of US President George W. Bush, with the heading "Bush's Execution." According to the Middle East Media Research Institute, the issue carries an article by Shafiq Ahmad Ali, calling on Americans to execute their president for the murder of Iraqi civilians and "as a true measure of justice, revenge and democracy." "Saddam Hussein was executed for the murder of 148 Iraqis," the article states, in excerpts translated by MEMRI. "Do you know how many Iraqi citizens have been murdered, by Bush's own admission, as a result of the American invasion?... A total of 30,000, according to a report in [the Egyptian government daily] Al-Ahram on December 13, 2005. So how many times must Bush be executed for all those murders and for the ones he is still committing...? "Moreover," the article continues, "he executed [Iraqi] President Saddam Hussein on Id Al-Adha, so he could boast that he had murdered an Arab Muslim president on a Muslim holiday. In his boastfulness, boldness and moral depravity, he also called Saddam's execution 'a step towards democracy.' We indeed need a real step in this direction. In other words, we need Bush himself executed, as a true measure of justice, revenge and democracy. "Worthy American citizens," the writer urges, "I am not appealing to the murderers, thieves, invaders, occupiers, liars, and racists among you, or to those who have undertaken to serve as agents of Israel. I am appealing only to the honorable and conscientious [people] among you, explaining why we are asking you to execute Bush himself..."