Erdan walks out on ‘antisemitic’ Erdogan UN speech

Erdogan accuses Israel’s “dirty hand” of violating Jerusalem, says Trump is a ‘collaborator’ with Israel.

Erdan leaves the UNGA to protest Erdogan's speech (Credit: Israel Mission)
Israeli Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan walked out of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s speech to the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, accusing him of antisemitism.
“Erdogan continues his lies and antisemitic statements against Israel, and it is important that the world know the double standards by which he has been living for many years,” Erdan stated.
Erdogan slammed Israel’s policies in Jerusalem and towards the Palestinians.
“The occupation and oppression of Palestine is a bleeding wound of humanity,” Erdogan said.
The Turkish President said “the filthy hand”
- presumably of Israelis - is “constantly increasing its audacity” in Jerusalem’s holy sites.
Erdogan commended the Palestinians, who he said “stood up to Israeli policies of violence and intimidation for more than half a century.”
The Turkish president accused Trump of being a “collaborator” with Israel and called his peace plan “a document of surrender.”
“Turkey will not support any plan the Palestinian people do not give consent to,” Erdogan said. “[The plan] does not mean anything beyond serving Israel's efforts to erode basic international parameters.”
As for the countries that opened or plan to open embassies to Israel in Jerusalem, Erdogan said their “violation of international law only serves to make the conflict more complicated.”
The US and Guatemala are currently the only countries with embassies to Israel in Jerusalem, though several others, including Honduras, Serbia and Kosovo have declared their intention to move their missions, as well.
“The Palestinian conflict can only be resolved with an independent, sovereign and contiguous State of Palestine based on ’67 borders with east Jerusalem as its capital. Seeking solutions other than this are in vain, one sided and unjust,” he stated.