First post-op pics of Mubarak issued

Egyptian president recovering after surgery to remove gall bladder, growth.

The first video images of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak since his operation appeared Tuesday on state television as a government spokesman said he would address the nation by the end of week.
The Information Ministry also issued pictures taken Tuesday of him sitting with his doctors at the German hospital.
The video aired on state television showed him in the same setting with the doctors moving his hands.
Aly Eddin Hilal of the ruling party told the state news agency the president was making good progress after receiving surgery to remove his gall bladder and a benign growth in the lining of his small intestine.
State-owned media in Egypt have remained consistently upbeat about thepresident's health since the operation March 6, but the lack of imagesof Mubarak following the operation prompted a swirl of rumors about hiscondition.
Mubarak's term in office ends next year. Concernabout his health have prompted speculation about the leadership of theUS ally, which plays a critical role in issues ranging from Mideastpeace efforts to curbing Islamic militancy.