Gallery: Anti-government protests rock Egypt

Egyptian capital descends into near-anarchy as protests grow in scale; protesters demand an end to the 30-year reign of President Mubarak.

CAIRO - The Egyptian capital descended into near-anarchy Friday night, as the government sent riot police, and then the army, to quell protests by tens of thousands of demonstrators determined to push Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak from office.
By the end of the day-long battle, the protesters were still standing and the police were nowhere to be seen.
Editorial: A region in ferment
'Police open fire as protesters re-gather in Cairo'
Mubarak sacks gov't; defends police crackdown on protesters
Mubarak - who had not spoken publicly since the protests began Tuesday - made a televised speech after midnight, announcing that he had asked his Cabinet to resign. The move fell far short of protesters' demands, and seemed likely to ensure that the anti-government demonstrations that have erupted here would continue.
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