Gallery: Fatah rally in the West Bank

Thousands of Hamas supporters protest in Gaza, accuse Abbas of being a traitor; in Nablus, PA president supporters rally against Al-Jazeera.

Palestinians destroy Al-Jazeera logos in rally
Palestinians burn Al-Jazeera logos in rally
Rally in support of Fatah in the West Bank
Palestinian female police officers
Fatah supporters compare Al-Jazeera to Israel
Fatah supporter holds Arafat poster
Several thousands of Fatah supporters chanted slogans against Al-Jazeera and in support of Abbas on Thursday in the West Bank. They also burned photos of two senior Hamas leaders.  
The release of the "Palestine Papers" by Al- Jazeera have intensified the bitter rivalry between Abbas and the Islamic militant Hamas, which wrested the Gaza Strip from the Palestinian president in a violent takeover in 2007.
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On Thursday, hundreds rallied in Gaza City, burning a photo of Abbas and raising a large picture of Al-Jazeera's benefactor, the emir of Qatar.
Salah Bardawil, a Hamas legislator, told the crowd that "those traitors and anyone who is thinking of compromising any of our rights" should be put on trial.
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