Hamas and Fatah discuss Palestinian rapprochement in Gaza

Hamas leader Haniyeh says he is opposed to Kerry's proposals for a deal between the Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Ismail Haniyeh on a chair, looking expressive 370 (photo credit: REUTERS)
Ismail Haniyeh on a chair, looking expressive 370
(photo credit: REUTERS)
A high-level Fatah delegation visiting the Gaza Strip met Sunday with Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh and discussed with him ways of ending the rivalry between the two parties.
Haniyeh said during the meeting that his government has taken a “strategic decision” to achieve reconciliation with Fatah.
He pointed out that Hamas has taken several initiatives and initiatives to create a “positive climate” for reconciliation.
Haniyeh asked the Fatah officials – Nabil Sha’ath, Sakher Bsaisso, Mohamed al Madani and Jamal Muhaissen – to relay a message to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas about the need to reciprocate with similar measures in the West Bank.
Haniyeh complained about the continued PA crackdown on Hamas supporters in the West Bank and security coordination between the PA security forces and the IDF.
He said that these measures do not contribute to the creation of a suitable atmosphere for reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas.
The Hamas leader also handed the Fatah delegation a list with names of Fatah members who would be allowed to return to the Gaza Strip.
Referring to the current peace talks between the PA and Israel, Haniyeh told the delegation that Hamas was opposed to US Secretary of State John Kerry’s proposals for a deal between the two sides.
Haniyeh said that the proposals would not achieve the Palestinians’ rights.
Sha’ath and Hamas representative Khalil Hayeh told reporters that the two parties agreed to purse efforts to end their differences.
Sha’ath praised Hamas for taking real measures on the ground toward ending the crisis, including permitting senior Fatah officials to return to the Gaza Strip. He said that the coming days would witness additional and positive steps to implement previous reconciliation agreements between Fatah and Hamas.
Sha’ath reiterated Fatah’s stance that there could be no Palestinian state without the Gaza Strip.