Hamas arrested 3,120 Fatah loyalists in 2010

Fatah Revolutionary Council members, including PA legislators and security force members, were detained, banned from traveling abroad

In the past year alone, Hamas security forces in the Gaza Strip arrested 3,120 Fatah members and supporters, according to figures released by Fatah over the weekend.
The figures showed that among those detained were seven members of the Fatah Revolutionary Council, who were also banned from traveling abroad.
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More than 700 of those arrested belonged to various branches of the Palestinian Authority security forces in the Gaza Strip. Another 120 Fatah members belonging to the faction’s armed wing, the Aksa Martyrs Brigades, were taken into custody and had their weapons confiscated by Hamas during the same period.
Hamas security authorities also closed down the office of Fatah legislator Ashraf Juma’ah, as well as 23 Fatah-affiliated institutions, including sports clubs and social organizations.
During the same period, the figures revealed, some 213 Fatah members were put on trial and received various sentences, including life imprisonment and even death.
Fatah claimed that each time Israel bombed the Gaza Strip, Hamas security personnel would flee the jails, leaving Fatah prisoners behind handcuffed and blindfolded.