Hamas talks electricity with Israelis

Meeting with Hamas-affiliated mayor was held in a car at the eastern entrance to the city.

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electric company 88
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The Hamas-controlled Kalkilya Municipality said on Tuesday that its representatives met earlier in the day with representatives of the Israel Electricity Company. The meeting was held in a car at the eastern entrance to the city. Acting Kalkilya mayor Hashem al-Masri, who participated in the 60-minute meeting, said the two sides discussed a number of issues related to the electricity supply to his city. He said a senior official of the Israel Electricity Company participated in the meeting, which was also attended by some municipal council members. The two sides also discussed the city's debts to the company and a number of logistics issues, including moving the electricity network to the northern outskirts of Kalkilya and ways of enabling the company's representatives to read electricity meters inside the city. According to Masri, the two sides agreed to meet in a car because the municipality was opposed to holding such meetings at a nearby IDF base. The meeting was the first of its kind since Hamas won the municipal elections in Kalkilya last May, taking all 15 seats. Wajih Nazzal, who was elected as mayor, has been in administrative detention in Israel for the past three years. He was appointed mayor by the municipal council in absentia. In another development, the Kalkilya Municipality announced that it had signed an agreement with two French counties to fund water and environmental projects in the city. The agreement is the first of its kind between a Hamasrun municipality and European communities. The two counties that signed the agreement are Seine Saint Denis in the new part of the suburbs of Paris and Val de Marne, which is also located in the Paris suburbs and famous for its light and heavy industry and Disney Land.