Hamas to complain to UN against Israel

Hamas seeks to explain nature of Israel's "new aggression."

Palestinian boys look through morgue window 370 (photo credit: Reuters/Mohammed Salem)
Palestinian boys look through morgue window 370
(photo credit: Reuters/Mohammed Salem)
The Hamas government announced Wednesday that it would complain to the UN against Israel's "new aggression" against the Gaza Strip.
The announcement came following the government's weekly meeting in Gaza City.
It also came in wake of reports that Hamas and other terror groups have formed a joint operations room to coordinate their anti-Israel attacks.
"We condemn the Zionist aggression on the Gaza Strip, which has escalated in the last hours, and warn against the repercussions," said a spokesman for the Hamas government.
"We declare that we will file a complaint with the UN to explain the nature of the Zionist aggression against our people and call for ending it immediately." The Hamas leadership said in a statement that Israel was escalating tensions in response to the visit to the Gaza Strip by the emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad al-Thani.
The statement pointed out that Israel had come out against the emir's visit to the Gaza Strip on Tuesday. It claimed that Israel was worried that the visit would end the blockade on the "political and economic blockade on the Gaza Strip."
Hamas also warned that it would not allow "the crimes of the Israeli occupation to pass without a response." Hailing the Palestinian groups behind the recent spate of rocket and mortar attacks on Israel, Hamas vowed to "continue carrying the rifle together with all the free forces until the liberation of Palestine and the defeat of the occupation." Meanwhile, Fatah's armed wing, Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, accused Hamas of arresting some of its members who tried to fire rockets at Israel.
The Fatah group said that Hamas security officers also confiscated the rockets that were found in the possession of its men.
The group said that the Hamas security officers later shaved the heads of the detained Fatah terrorists.