Hamas TV program: English is enemy's language

Hamas TV program Englis

The Hamas children's television program, Tomorrow's Pioneers, last week included a part in which children were told it is important to know English, because it is "the language of their enemy." Following is the transcript provided by Palestinian Media Watch: Child host: What do you want to be in the future, Allah willing? Child caller:A teacher of the English language. Host: Why do you want to be specifically an English teacher? Child: To teach children the language of their enemy. (Child host smiles.) Host: Very nice. A great field. It is not enough for us to know our own language... We also want to study the language of our enemies, to know how to have contacts with them, and so that we can convey the message of Palestinian children... Nassur (the bear-puppet host): Like me! Just like I know the Zionist enemy's language. Host: Really? Nassur: Hebrew. Host: Okay, speak (in Hebrew). Nassur: I can't! (Laughs). (Al-Aqsa TV, October 16, 2009) Transcribed by Palestinian Media Watch