Hizbullah: Organization at crossroads

Says as much as 90% of group's arsenal could have remained intact after war.

hizbullah 88 (photo credit: )
hizbullah 88
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Hizbullah deputy leader Naim Kassem said Sunday that Hizbullah was at a crossroads and was weighing what steps to take after the Lebanese army deployed in southern Lebanon. Kassem told the London-based Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper that his organization was considering how it should pursue its armed struggle, and that it was unclear what course of action it would take regarding the controversial Shebaa Farms, Israel Radio reported. Kassem stressed that Hizbullah would not agree to disarm, and would not change its position that only an armed struggle could withstand "Israeli provocations." When asked how many missiles and Katyusha rockets remained in Hizbullah's stocks, Kassem replied that as much as 90 percent of the organization's arsenal could have remained intact. However, he added, this was a military secret. Nasrallah's deputy also said that no army in the world would destroy Hizbullah, and that the results of the recent war in Lebanon proved that Hizbullah had won an historic victory.