'Bloody November': Protests sweep Iran on anniversary of violent crackdown

Security forces fired bullets and tear gas at protesters across Iran amid large-scale protests and strikes.

 Billboard featuring Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei torched in southern Iran, November 14, 2022 (photo credit: 1500tasvir)
Billboard featuring Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei torched in southern Iran, November 14, 2022
(photo credit: 1500tasvir)

Large-scale demonstrations and labor strikes swept Iran on Tuesday as Iranians marked the anniversary of the 2019 "Bloody November" protests, when government forces killed as many as 1,500 protesters.

In November 2019, protests broke out after the Iranian government implemented a price hike on fuel prices. The Iranian government carried out a brutal crackdown on the protests, with the wave of demonstrations later called "Bloody November."

Protests were reported in Tehran, Shiraz, Marvdasht, Bukan, Tabriz, Izeh, Saqqez and Kermanshah, amid dozens of other towns and cities. Businesses and workers across the country also went on strike and protested in markets.

Iron workers in Tehran and Isfahan joined the strike on Tuesday, with video showing them gathering and chanting anti-government slogans.

Protesters chanted anti-government slogans while marching and dancing in the streets, including "Death to the dictator," "Basij, eat s&%$" and "Freedom, freedom, freedom," among others.

Protests across Iran, November 15, 2022 (Credit: 1500tasvir)

Iranian security forces attack protesters across country

Video from Shiraz showed security forces attacking cars and smashing windows. Footage from Mehrshahr showed security forces in civilian clothing preparing drones on a rooftop near protesters.

Footage from the metro in Tehran showed a large crowd of protesters chanting "Death to the dictator." Videos from later in the evening showed protesters running in a metro station as shots were fired by security forces.

Footage from Nehran, Shiraz, Rasht and Fardis showed shots being fired and tear gas being launched by security forces at protesters as well.

In a number of cities, protesters burned trash cans and tires in the middle of the road and set up roadblocks as they protested. In the area of Mahabad, a main road between Urmia, Mahabad and Miandoab was blocked by protesters.

Video from the city of Jam in southern Iran showed a billboard featuring Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei being torched on Monday night. Another video showed a billboard of Iran's national soccer team being torched in Tehran on Tuesday after the team met with Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi.

Video reportedly from Tehran showed security forces beating a protester on the side of the road.

The 1500tasvir Twitter account shared advice for protesters on Tuesday morning, including to bring nail clippers to break out of plastic hand ties, to delete personal information from cellphones and to avoid going to the hospital if possible.

The account stressed that protesters have the right to defend themselves if attacked by government forces and advised those who take videos of the protests to quickly send them to a trusted person and then delete them.

Iranian officials claim IRGC militant was shot by protesters

The Iranian Fars News Agency claimed on Tuesday that a member of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in Bukan had been killed after being shot by "rioters."

Iran continues to disrupt internet access amid protests

UK-based Iranian activist Nariman Gharib reported on Monday that internet providers in Iran had been informed by security agencies that mobile internet in the country would likely be cut off from Tuesday to Saturday.

Mobile internet access has been periodically cut off in the country in recent weeks amid protests that have swept the country since Mahsa Amini was killed by Tehran "morality police" in mid-September.