ayatollah ali khamenei

Netanyahu: Khamenei is putting himself in danger by threatening Israel

PM spoke with leaders of Sudan and Chad, and expressed wish to increase ties with more Muslim countries.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei gestures as he delivers a Friday prayer sermon in Tehra
German government condemns Iran’s call to 'destroy Israel'

The government has largely refused to criticize the regime over the years for its lethal antisemitism and Holocaust denial.

An Iranian Officer of Revolutionary Guards with Israel flag drawn on his boots
Netanyahu to Iran: Those who threaten Israel will be destroyed

Netanyahu’s tweet came in response to one from Khamenei, featuring a poster that reads: “Palestine will be free. The final solution. Resistance is referendum.”

What the Iranian regime really wants – and what the West refuses to see

The original goals of the Islamic Revolution of 1979 were clearly stated at the time– the destruction of Western-style democracy and its way of life and the imposition of Shi’ite Islam on the west.

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, May 14, 2019
Americans will be expelled from Iraq and Syria - Iran's Supreme Leader

Khamenei said Americans' actions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria had led to them being hated, according to a transcript of a speech to students published on his website.

Iran's Khamenei: Women in Western cultures are living in 'captivity'

Iran's Supreme Leader claims that women in Western cultures must "expose" themselves to men as a "source of pleasure."

Iranian Army says technical error behind deadly friendly fire incident

A video report on Monday added that it's possible that the technical error was caused by "electronic warfare by the enemy" without specifying a possible source.

A volunteer from Basij forces wearing a protective suit and face mask sprays disinfectant
Iran's Khamenei faces new struggles as he celebrates 81st birthday

Khamenei’s 80th year was an annus horribilis by any measure

Members of the medical team spray disinfectant to sanitize indoor place of Imam Reza's holy shrine,
Iranians told to stay at home as coronavirus death toll rises to 354

The outbreak has infected a host of senior officials, politicians and clerics in Iran, the fourth worst-affected nation after China, South Korea and Italy.

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei casts his vote at a polling station during parliamentar
Iran hard-liners win election, but with record low-turnout of 42.57%

Experts: Regime trying to prepare for more years of Trump.

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