Iran promises PA non-monetary aid

Teheran says it will donate two planes and 300 Iran-made vehicles.

The Hamas-led Palestinian Authority was promised non-monetary aid by the Iranian government in a number of areas on Friday morning. Among the assistance promised by Teheran was the sending of experts to advise PA officials on the building of an airfield in the Gaza Strip, and according to reports, the Iranians donated two airplanes to the Palestinians. The Iranians also said that they would aid in the creation of a port in the Gaza Strip, two hospitals and four medical clinics. Additionally, the Iranian government said it would donate 300 Iranian-made vehicles and replacement parts for at least half of the vehicles. Unlike the transferring of funds, which could be embezzled into Palestinian territory via tunnels or other means, the donation of vehicles would necessitate approval from the Israelis. The PA stressed that Iran had only made promises of such aid, and it was as of yet unclear how serious Teheran was in implementing these plans.