Iraq: Holy Shi'ite tomb attacked with rockets

Gunmen fired two rockets at a tomb sacred for Shiites south of Baghdad causing damage but no casualties, a Shiite official said. The tomb of Salman Pak, also known as Salman al-Farisi, was attacked after sunset with two rockets, said Jamal al-Saghir, an aide to Shiite political leader Abdul-Aziz al-Hakim. The tomb is located in the village of Salman Pak, 30 kilometers southeast of Baghdad. The village carries the name of the man. The attack comes two days after a Shiite holy Shrine in the central city of Samarra was heavily damaged by an explosion. Dozens of Sunni mosques were attacked after that throughout Iraq. Al-Farisi, known as "Salman the Pure," was a 7th centrury Persian convert to Islam and served the barber to the Prophet Muhammad. Although the shrine attracts Muslim pilgrims, it is not considered as venerable as the Askariya mosque in Samarra, whose golden dome was destroyed by two bombs Wednesday.