'Israeli spy arrested in Lebanon'

Telecom engineer reportedly "more dangerous" than previous suspects.

idf arrest311 (photo credit: ap)
idf arrest311
(photo credit: ap)
Lebanese security authorities have arrested another employee at Alfa, the state-owned mobile telecom company, on suspicion of spying for Israel, Reuters reported on Thursday.
According to Reuters, Tareq Raba'a, a telecom engineer, was under investigation after being arrested on Monday.
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Security sources told Reuters that Raba'a was called "more dangerous" than Charbel Qazzi, the Alfa employee that was arrested in June. If convicted, the two could face the death penalty.
Raba'a had reportedly worked at Alfa since 1996, and began working for Israeli intelligence in 2001. He would leave Lebanon twice a month, and bring back at least $10,000 every time, Reuters reported.
Lebanon's arrest of the alleged Israeli spy suspect is part of on-going intelligence war between the two countries - one that actively recruits members of the ethnic Palestinian minority in both countries to conduct espionage.
On Tuesday, Ali Manstash, a Lebanese citizen, was sentenced to death for spying for Israel during the 2006 summer war. Manstash was convicted of giving Israel locations of military and civilian targets bombed during the war and resulting in deaths.