Jordan: Ex-lawmaker charged with illegal activity

Jordan's military prosecutor charged a former lawmaker Sunday with heading an illicit organization and distributing leaflets illegally, a lawyer and judicial official said. Ahmad Oweidi al-Abbadi, head of a small right-wing party called the Jordanian National Movement, had already been charged with harming the state's dignity, slandering officials and violating laws governing e-mail practices. The government detained al-Abbadi on May 3, and District Attorney Sabri al-Rawashdeh interrogated him over the past two months to find out if his actions violated Jordan's national interests. Al-Rawashdeh decided Thursday that he had no jurisdiction over the case and referred al-Abbadi to the military prosecutor for a fresh round of questioning. A military prosecutor questioned al-Abbadi briefly on Sunday and decided to detain him for 15 more days, said al-Abbadi's lawyer, Omar Alwan.