Jordan's Prince Hassan rebukes Islamic militants

The one-time heir to Jordan's throne condemned supporters of terrorism Monday and urged Muslims to return to their moderate roots to resolve conflicts. Prince Hassan, the uncle of Jordan's King Abdullah II, told an Amman audience of 1,300 Mideast experts and envoys from 80 countries that the stakes are high in the war on terror. "The future is either one of Balkanization, ethnic and sectarian strife, or surrendering to the extremists," he told the Second World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies, hosted by the Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies, which he runs. Hassan warned backers of terrorism against the continued use of Islam in violence, saying, "Using religious names and definitions is not serving religious causes." He also said he believed the insurgency in Iraq would "peak in the next few months." Hassan did not elaborate on why, but said he had shared his assessment with an Iraqi official.