Lebanese government c'tee presents foreign envoys with report on 'Israeli espionage'

Israeli "cyberwarfare" is infiltrating UNIFIL and Lebanese army networks, c'tee tells group of 27 ambassadors.

IDF soldiers close gate at Lebanon Border 370 (photo credit: Jamal Saidi / Reuters)
IDF soldiers close gate at Lebanon Border 370
(photo credit: Jamal Saidi / Reuters)
A Lebanese government committee accused Israel of "cyberwarfare" on Thursday, presenting to foreign diplomats a report detailing alleged Israeli infiltration of UNIFIL and Lebanese army networks, The Daily Star reported on Friday.
The Committee on Assessing the Dangers of the Israeli Telecomm Towers in Lebanese Territory's review for foreign envoys came after Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri said earlier this month that Israel had installed "spying stations" along its border with Lebanon “starting from al-Naqoura passing by Khiyam all the way to Shebaa,” with the largest station allegedly deployed in the al-Abbad and Jal al-Alam areas.
The briefing held in the Lebanese Parliament in Beirut was attended by 27 foreign envoys, according to The Daily Star, including the ambassadors to Lebanon from the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, the European Union and UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon Derek Plumbly.
The Lebanese government committee told the foreign representatives that Israel was waging cyberwarfare against Lebanon that violated privacy, data confidentiality, safety and security, as well as the right of free access to information," according to the paper.
The committee said that the alleged Israeli espionage was also damaging Lebanon's economy by driving away investors and capital.
According to the committee's report, Israel has expanded its espionage network by erecting towers and antennas  at 39 sites along the border, in addition to having infiltrated the telecom and Internet networks of the Lebanese security forces, army and the UN force in Lebanon.
Hezbollah MP Hasan Fadlallah was quoted by the Star as saying that the committee's review "aims to show these countries so they can help us in the international arena and in other ways to put an end to Israel’s spying.”
US Ambassador to Beirut David Hale did not attend the briefing, prompting the Hezbollah MP to say: "Maybe the US ambassador doesn’t need to attend because he knows more, since the American Embassy has strong ties with the Israeli entity.”
He added that Lebanon was formulating a complaint to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Israel's alleged espionage.