Lebanon: Top pro-gov't politician threatens war with opposition

A leading pro-government Lebanese politician warned Sunday that his coalition is ready for war if that's what Syrian-backed opposition wants, adding that they would take Hizbullah's much-vaunted rockets away from it. Walid Jumblatt, a leading member of the anti-Syrian majority in parliament and a strong critic of Hizbullah, made his comments from his Druze stronghold in Mount Lebanon, soon after the country's deadlocked factions postponed presidential elections for a 14th time. "If you think that we will stand idle, this is your imagination. We might be forced to burn everything. Our existence, dignity and Lebanon are more important than anything," he said. "If you want anarchy, you are welcome. If you want war, we welcome war," said Jumblatt, who was interrupted several times by the cheers of hundreds of his supporters.