'Most Palestinians want ceasefire'

Poll: Two-thirds oppose using missiles; half want Fayyad for PM.

Salam Fayyad drinks coffee 311 (photo credit: AP )
Salam Fayyad drinks coffee 311
(photo credit: AP )
A poll of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, released Wednesday, showed that most Palestinians do not want a renewal of violence.
Arab World for Research and Development, an institute located in Ramallah polled 1,2000 Palestinians - men and women, refugees and non-refugees - in 16 towns at the end of June.
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Two-thirds of those surveyed believe Hamas should renew its ceasefire with Israel after it expires in September, and it should not resume use of missiles against targets in Israel. However, nearly half oppose direct talks with Israel.
Half of those polled would vote for Salam Fayyad as Palestinian prime minister, with only 22 percent favoring Hamas's Ismail Haniyeh. Similarly, 56% prefer Fatah in the Palestinian parliament, as opposed to 33.5% for Hamas.
The vast majority of Palestinians think creating jobs and fighting poverty is the most important issue facing Palestinians, with 75% saying the Palestinian economy is deteriorating.
The poll also showed that 67% of Palestinians think their society is headed in the wrong direction.