Moussa: Israel, PA share blame for violence

Arab League chief Amr Moussa on Friday said the Palestinians and Israel both bear the blame for the violence raging in the Gaza Strip. Speaking on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum on the shores of the Dead Sea, Moussa said the Arabs were doing "a lot to intervene in the Gaza crisis," but that it was difficult to turn the situation around quickly because worsening political and economic conditions in the territory have been festering for many months. Moussa's comments came in response to the Palestinian infighting and Israeli airstrikes on the Kassam rocket launchers. "The situation is caused by the dire conditions in which the Gazans are living because of the Israeli military occupation, the economic embargo and 70 percent unemployment," Moussa said. But he added that the riven Palestinian leadership of the Fatah party and the Hamas organization were responsible for the current chaos as well. "It doesn't mean that the Palestinians aren't responsible because they shouldn't have resorted to ... bloodshed," he said. "Compounded with the Israeli occupation and the violence against them, and without hope that a state is coming, what do you expect?"