Mubarak's son calls for support on constitution

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's son and senior official in the ruling party on Sunday urged for a strong turnout in the country's referendum on constitutional changes, saying it would be an important milestone for Egypt. On the eve of the nationwide vote, Gamal Mubarak called on Egyptians to show up at the polls and vote in favor of the changes his father has billed as necessary for democratic reforms in Egypt. "We hope we will get the turnout we worked to achieve and we hope that we will get the majority vote tomorrow in support of that very important step in our march toward further reform in the political side," said Gamal Mubarak, who heads the policy-making board of the ruling National Democratic Party. The referendum is a "serious step on the right direction," added Gamal, who is believed to be groomed as his father's successor. "Tomorrow is an important day."