Netanyahu holds historic video call with UAE representative in Hebrew

The prime minister was surprised to discover that his interlocutor spoke the language so well.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks with an UAE representativewho accompanied the mission in Abu Dhabi
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanayhu held a historic video call with a United Arab Emirates (UAE) representative named Khalifa, who accompanied the Israeli delegation to the country. The entire conversation was held in Hebrew, after the latter demonstrated his knowledge of the language. The prime minister, who was surprised that Khalifa spoke Hebrew so well, inquired about the source of his knowledge. 
"I studied Hebrew over Zoom, sir," replied Khalifa. 
During the video call, Netanyahu congratulated the Emirati representative and praised the Emirates' contribution to peace and stability in the Middle East.
"I would like to congratulate you, as a representative of UAE's government and as a loyal representative of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed, a great leader, for your contribution to peace," said Netanyahu excitedly.
The prime minister also praised the historic normalization treaty between the two countries.
"This is a historic peace, not just between leaders but between our people. You literally express it – thank you so much for this," he added.
A joint US-Israeli delegation landed in the UAE on Monday, and was warmly welcomed by the local authorities. 
"I thank all the Jews and Israelis in the UAE, and I hope to see you soon," said Khalifa.
Netanyahu, who replied to the invitation with one of his own, said "I hope to see you too at the UAE, but also here."
The prime minister asked the official to join any future Emirati delegations to Israel.
"It is my personal request that you would join an UAE delegation to Israel. You will be warmly welcomed here, just like you welcomed us in your country," said Netanyahu.