Palestinians: Probe Hamas for war crimes

Human rights advocates ask terror group to conduct credible investigation into war crimes allegations.

goldstone gaza (photo credit: AP)
goldstone gaza
(photo credit: AP)

Eleven Palestinian human rights groupshave asked Hamas to conduct a credible internal investigation intoallegations it committed war crimes during last winter's war withIsrael.

UN investigator Richard Goldstone hassaid he believes both Israel and Gaza's Hamas rulers committed warcrimes during Israel's offensive in Gaza.

Goldstone said Israel used excessiveforce and Hamas terrorized Israeli civilians with indiscriminaterocket attacks.

The UN General Assembly adoptedGoldstone's findings and gave both sides until Febuary 5 toinvestigate. Neither has done so. Israel and Hamas deny theallegations.

Shahwan Jabareen of the Palestiniangroup al-Haq said that Hamas told him it would investigate, but thathe has not seen serious steps.