Israel UN envoy slams Iran hypocrisy over ME arms

Prosor: Iran's complaints against Arms Trade Treaty "is like the Mafia complaining that the crime rate in NY is too high."

Ron Prosor 370 (photo credit: REUTERS)
Ron Prosor 370
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Addressing the United Nations on Wednesday, Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor highlighted two key Israeli concerns: the Iranian race for nuclear arms and Palestinian intolerance toward Israel.
“Earlier this month, the Iranian delegate stood in front of the General Assembly to share Iran’s so-called concerns with the Arms Trade Treaty... this is like the mafia complaining that the crime rate in New York is high,” Prosor said.
He warned the UN, “Make no mistake – Iran’s ambition for nuclear weapons is the single greatest threat to the Middle East and the entire world.”
Prosor noted that following last month’s negotiation attempts with the Islamic Republic, “Iran announced two key infrastructure projects. Surprise, surprise, both of them expanded Iran’s ability to process uranium.”
Prosor further rebuked Iran for sending Hezbollah fighters to help Syrian President Bashar Assad butcher his own people.
Though the bulk of Prosor’s speech centered around the Iranian nuclear problem, he reserved some choice words to address the issue of Palestinian intolerance as a society toward the Israeli people.
“From cradles to kindergarten classrooms, from the fields of summer camps to the fields of football stadiums, messages of intolerance fill Palestinian society,” he said. “It doesn’t take an urban planner to realize that the Palestinians are missing the blueprints to build a peaceful neighborhood.”
Prosor concluded his address by calling on the UN to strengthen its support for “tolerance, mutual recognition, and security [in the Middle East].”