Rajoub: Settlements won't lead to peace

Rajuob Settlements won

Senior Fatah official Jibril Rajoub on Wednesday said that Israelis must realize that they will not achieve peace through settlement construction, stressing that only ending the occupation will lead to peace and security. Jerusalem must understand that it is impossible to speak of two states for two peoples as long as Israel continues to ruin any chances for the establishment of a Palestinian state, Rajoub told Israel Radio. Rajoub went on to explain that if Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu extends his hand to coexistence, he "will receive many good things from the Palestinian side," but if he tries to push the Palestinians into a corner, he will lead the whole region into a bloody wave of violence. Also on Wednesday, a senior Palestinian official warned that the Palestinian street was losing faith in the peace process even more quickly since Netanyahu came into office. "The Americans must restore the people's faith in the peace process, and that didn't happen in the tripartite meeting," he told Israel Radio, referring to Tuesday's meeting between US President Barack Obama, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and Netanyahu in New York. Every Palestinian is asking himself not only if he will have a state, but who can guarantee that Israel will keep its commitments regarding a Palestinian state, he claimed. The unnamed official went on to assess that those among the Palestinians who oppose peace will use the results of the three-way meeting to bash Abbas and try to weaken his status.