Saddam prosecutor denies making video accusations

An Iraqi prosecutor who was present for Saddam Hussein's execution denied on Wednesday a report that he had accused the country's national security adviser of possible responsibility for the leaked video of the former dictator being hanged. "I am not accusing Mowaffak al-Rubaie [the national security adviser], and I did not see him taking pictures," Munqith al-Faroon, an Iraqi prosecutor in the case that sent Saddam to the gallows, told The Associated Press. "But I saw two of the government officials who were...present during the execution taking all the video of the execution, using the lights that were there for the official taping of the execution. They used mobile phone cameras. I do not know their names, but I would remember their faces," al-Faroon said in a telephone interview. The prosecutor said the two officials were openly taking video pictures, which are believed to be those which appeared on Al-Jazeera satellite television and a Web site within hours of Saddam's death by hanging shortly before dawn on Saturday.