'Saudis order retrial in case of man who died in religious police custody'

Saudi Arabia's highest court has thrown out a "not guilty" ruling and ordered a retrial in the case of a man who died while in custody of the country's powerful religious police, media in the kingdom reported Wednesday. Defense lawyer Raiq Badawi on the team representing the deceased man's family, was quoted as by the Okaz daily saying that the Saudi Cassation Court ordered the judge who issued the initial verdict to interrogate witnesses and members of the religious police in the new hearings. Badawi said the court had ordered a fresh trial because of "mistakes" in the original one, according to the daily. A Riyadh general court last November acquitted two officers charged with involvement in the death of Sulaiman al-Huraisi, 28. Huraisi was a Saudi security guard who died last May in custody after a raid on his home in Riyadh.