Senior Fatah official denies Hitler was 'morally corrupt' says he 'was daring'

Fatah Central Committee member Tawfiq Tirawi makes remarks in interview with Palestinian TV.

Senior Fatah official
A senior official from the Palestinian Fatah faction recently stated that Adolf "Hitler was not ‎morally corrupt. He was daring."‎
In an interview Saturday translated by Palestinian Media Watch, Fatah Central Committee member Tawfiq Tirawi made the remarks while speaking about the "difference between an ‎officer's discipline and loyalty to a leader."
Tirawi continued by telling the Palestinian television network Ma'an that leaders have the potential to be morally corrupt, asserting that a leader's people have an intrinsic understanding of their ruler's moral compass.
"You have to know. Is there ‎anyone who does not know his leader?"‎ Tirawi said, to which the interview host responded that the German people were not aware of the Nazi dictator's moral corruption.
In turn, the Fatah official replied by denying the immorality of the leader of the German regime that lead the Holocaust.
"Let us talk logically. Hitler was not ‎morally corrupt. He was daring,"‎ he stated.
The interview ended with the Ma'an host questioning whether Tirawi should make such statements, and attempting to change the subject.
"Let's drink some tea and take a break. It ‎would be a pity to be put in jail because of this interview," he host told Tirawi. "We will drink tea and take a ‎break. Let's leave Hitler."‎