Shi'ite gunmen seize control of Beirut neighborhoods

Iranian- and Syrian-backed Shi'ite opposition gunmen seize control of several Beirut neighborhoods from their Sunni foes, loyal to the US-backed government. It is the third day of street battles in the Lebanese capital's Muslim sector. In a sign of the collapse of the pro-government organizations in the face of the onslaught by the Shi'ite Hizbullah and Amal groups, the TV station of top Sunni leader Saad Hariri's Future Movement went off the air Friday. Hariri's newspaper offices on the edge of the city were also set on fire by opposition gunmen, according to TV footage and Hizbullah. Hizbullah official went into the station and ordered it closed. It went off the air in the morning. The army has now moved to the premises of the newspaper and television station.