Syrian refugees clash with police in Turkish camp

In violent protests against poor living conditions, many Syrian refugees injured by Turkish police.

Syrian refugees in Turkey 370 (photo credit: REUTERS/Osman Orsal)
Syrian refugees in Turkey 370
(photo credit: REUTERS/Osman Orsal)
Rock-throwing Syrian refugees clashed with Turkish military police on Wednesday during a protest against poor living conditions in their relief camp, said witnesses.
Police fired teargas and water cannon to break up the crowd at the Suleiman Shah site, added protesters - the latest sign of unrest in camps thrown up along the border to cope with a flood of people fleeing Syria's two-year-old civil war.
Turkey, like other neighbours of Syria, is struggling to look after an ever-growing numbers of refugees. The United Nations estimates more than 260,000 Syrians have taken shelter in Turkey, though Ankara says the number is closer to 400,000.
Protesters said many people were wounded in the clash, a report denied by Turkish officials.
Residents of the camp, in the Turkish town of Akcakale near the Syrian border, said young men started the protest after a faulty electrical outlet set a tent on fire earlier that day.
A Turkish camp official gave a different account, saying residents were outraged when guards turned away around 200 Syrians trying to get in.
He added there was simply no more room left in the camp, one of the largest sites in Turkey and already home to 35,000 people.