US to increase 'non-lethal' aid to Syria opposition

Announcement follows similar comments by Kerry; White House press secretary: US aims to "bring about post-Assad Syria."

EU Commissioner  visits Syria refugees in Amman 370 (photo credit: REUTERS)
EU Commissioner visits Syria refugees in Amman 370
(photo credit: REUTERS)
The United States will increase aid to Syrians and the Syrian opposition in an effort to speed a political transition in Syria, the White House press secretary said Wednesday.
"We are constantly reviewing the nature of the assistance we provide to both the Syrian people, in form of humanitarian assistance, and to the Syrian opposition in the form of non-lethal assistance," Jay Carney told reporters at a briefing.
Washington has sided with the Syrian opposition in seeking the removal of Syrian President Bashar Assad from power.
"We will continue to provide assistance to the Syrian people, to the Syrian opposition, we will continue to increase our assistance in the effort to bring about a post-Assad Syria," Carney said.
The announcement comes hours after US Secretary of State John Kerry said that Syria's opposition needs more help in its struggle against Assad's regime, and that Washington wanted to find ways to speed up a political transition.
The Washington Post reported this week that the White House was considering a shift in policy and could send the rebels body armor and armed vehicles and provide military training. The report said U.S. officials still oppose providing arms.