W. Bank: 2 foreign activists hit by IDF tear-gas projectile

Israeli activist Jonathan Pollak says French woman, Dutch man injured during weekly demonstration in Nabi Salih.

Nabi Saleh demonstration 390 (photo credit: YouTube screenshot)
Nabi Saleh demonstration 390
(photo credit: YouTube screenshot)
Two activists, a French woman and a Dutch man, were lightly injured on Friday when they were hit by tear-gas projectiles during a weekly demonstration in the West Bank village of Nabi Salih, according to Israeli activist Jonathan Pollak.
The French woman was injured in the neck when a canister landed at her feet and bounced up before being taken to Ramallah Hospital, said Pollak, who is a spokesman for the Palestinian NGO The Popular Struggle Coordination Committee.
The Dutch man was injured in the waist and taken to Salfit Hospital, Pollak said, who also said that both activists were treated and released.
The committee posted a short video of the demonstration.
It showed a dozen protesters standing on a road in Nabi Salih shouting slogans who run away after they are hit by a number of tear-gas projectiles.
In the next shot, border policemen are seen running down the road, followed by a military jeep. Once the gas clears, it is also possible to see a medic treating someone.
Pollak alleged that 20 protesters were injured during the demonstrations. He further alleged that the border police fired rubber bullets and tear gas without provocation at the start of the demonstration.
The IDF said that it was investigating the incident.
In December, Palestinian demonstrator Mustafa Tamimi died after he was hit in the face by an IDF tear gas canister in Nabi Salih.