Weapons cache discovered in Sinai

Egyptian forces collected massed explosives intended for Gaza.

smuggling tunnel rafah 298 (photo credit: )
smuggling tunnel rafah 298
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Egyptian security forces discovered a massive arms cache in the Sinai Peninsula Thursday. The arms were purportedly destined to be smuggled into the Gaza Strip, according to the Egyptian daily Al-Yum a-Saba.
The weapons included 100 anti-aircraft missiles, 40 RPG missiles and 40 other explosive devices.
General Mohammed Najib, commander of Egypt's security forces in Sinai, tracked down the cache after he acquired intelligence that suspected arms smugglers had stashed weapons in the
Egyptian security forces removed weapons from the storage sites, many of them past battle zones.
The Egyptian forces suspect the smugglers are Sinai Bedouin seeking to sneak weapons into the Gaza Strip.