World sends relief to Lebanon

Aid effort spearheaded by Int'l Red Cross and United Nations agencies.

A look at the global response to Lebanese victims of Israeli-Hizbullah fighting, with the aid effort spearheaded by The International Committee of the Red Cross and by United Nations agencies. Israel announced late Friday that it would open a humanitarian corridor to allow food, medicine and other aid into Lebanon after more than a week of intense fighting.
An estimated 500,000 people in Lebanon have been displaced or otherwise affected by the conflict.
  • The International Committee of the Red Cross issues an appeal for US$8 million to help displaced and vulnerable people, as well to support medical services of the Lebanese Red Cross. The ICRC's first relief convoy reaches the besieged southern Lebanese city of Tyre.
  • The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies appeals for $1 million to assist people fleeing hostilities.
  • The UN refugee agency says it will send in supplies after establishment of safe passage.
  • The World Food Program also appeals for safe passage of humanitarian goods over a number of different routes by land, sea and air.
  • UNICEF will fly tons of health kits, sanitation supplies and toys from its warehouse in Copenhagen, Denmark, to Damascus for overland delivery to Lebanon.
  • The World Health Organization says it is very concerned about the lack of electricity in hospitals, safe passage of ambulances and access to people in the south of Lebanon.
  • The UN Relief and Works Agency, designated to help Palestinians, is using 25 clinics and 15 schools in Lebanon to shelter and treat nearly 3,000 displaced persons.
  • France is sending urgent aid by air and sea, and Israel says it will allow a French ship to unload at the southern Lebanese port of Sidon.
  • Turkey's Red Crescent, the Muslim equivalent of the Red Cross, will ship an unspecified value of food, medicine, diapers and baby food to Syria for distribution by the Lebanese Red Cross.
  • The United States requests that Israel open a "humanitarian corridor" to allow ships to pass through its blockade around Lebanon and unload supplies.
  • Norway pledges $32 million in fresh aid to Lebanon and Palestinians.
  • Spain offers some $2.5 million and is working to try to establish a safe corridor for the delivery of relief supplies.
  • Germany contributes $1.25 million to the World Food Program's assistance project and the same amount to supply medical and food aid and help with water supplies.
  • The Finnish government provides $1.9 million and offers to assist in flying evacuees from Cyprus to other countries.
  • The Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church said it will provide $63,400 from its catastrophe fund for civilian victims in Lebanon and Gaza.
  • The Czech Foreign Ministry pledges $223,000 in humanitarian aid for the Lebanese government and says it is ready to give more if needed.
  • Greece sends doctors and 22 tons of medical supplies, tents, blankets and canned food to Beirut aboard a navy ship, with more aid on the way.
  • The Croatian Red Cross is collecting donations for the ICRC.