ABSALON CELL No.2 1991 (photo credit: Tomislav Medak, Wikimedia Commons)
ABSALON CELL No.2 1991 (photo credit: Tomislav Medak, Wikimedia Commons)
Jerusalem highlights July 8-14


Visit the Jerusalem Theatre (20 Marcus St., 11 a.m.) and listen to “Black and White Piano” with pianist Nizar Elkhater and soprano Nour Darwish. This concert offers an in-depth look into current Arab music and Arab-language opera. NIS 90 per ticket. Those interested might explore the music of soprano Hiba Al Kawas before the show, or tune in to a series of Hebrew podcasts by Elkhater in which he teaches about Arab music: https://www.kan.org.il/podcast/program.aspx/?progid=2022 . Call (02) 560-5755 for tickets.


Meet award-winning movie composer and musician Yonatan Alblak (he co-created the music for Legend of Destruction with Asaf Talmudi) at 7 p.m. at the JLM Spark Center (20 Ben Yoezer St.). Admission is free, but call ahead at 053-360-5953 to ensure your seat. This is a social mixing event meant to help musicians and filmmakers to get to know each other in the capital.


Attend “Just One Poem,” a multi-language poetry night, starting at 8 p.m. at Orion (4 Shamai St.). You can read a poem you like in your native language, or just come and enjoy the poems of others. The poem can be either of your authorship, your favorite childhood poem, or any other from your heritage. Call Yakov Krechin at 052-312-1998 to sign up. Doors open at 7 p.m. Free admission.


Put on your dancing shoes and take to the floor (if you are 18 or older) at 8 p.m. during a free, public dancing workshop. Actually, two are on offer. Salsa at First Station and Israeli Folk Dancing at the entrance to Jerusalem Theatre (20 Marcus St.). Why sit at home during the warm summer nights when you can go out, dance, and maybe meet new friends?


Visit the Train Theater in Independence Park at 8:30 p.m. and watch the third edition of “Night Train.” This series of dance performances features music by Daniella Ljungsberg and works such as “Refaim” by Avigail Kochavi, “Friendly” by Noaa Bartor, and “Blabbering” by Michal Herman and Anat Grigorio. NIS 60 per ticket (price includes all the shows). To purchase, call *4524 or visit https://www.traintheater.co.il/en/repertoire/purchase/5279 (Hebrew site). Show begins at 8:50 p.m.

 YAELA BRAZILAI (credit: Karkosh) YAELA BRAZILAI (credit: Karkosh)

Enjoy an intimate piano concert at 8 p.m. at the private home of Gershon Wachtel (NIS 50 per ticket or NIS 75 per couple). Refreshments will be served as patrons will delight in an easy-listening performance of jazz, Broadway tunes and pop music. To order tickets and learn of an exact address in the Rehavia neighborhood, call 058-686-6527. Visit Wachtel’s site to learn more: http://www.gershonpiano.com/ 


Watch The Seven Years of Absalon at the Jerusalem Cinematheque (6 p.m.) and discuss it with co-directors David Ofek and Amir Azaz afterward. The movie depicts the late artist Absalon (Meir Eshel), a mostly self-taught artist who moved to Paris in 1987, studied art under Christian Boltanski, and returned to Israel only once after he left, to attend his 1990 solo exhibition curated by Yona Fischer. Absalon created a series of works titled “Cells,” which focused on prototype units intended for single-occupancy living for one person, which he began after learning he was HIV positive. He died in 1993. For tickets see: https://jer-cin.org.il/en/event/56284


Attend the opening of the end-year exhibition of the Musrara Naggar School of Art and Society graduates at 7 p.m. and see works by (among others) Amin Abu Zahra, Zohar Barkai and Noga Shalit Glick. These young artists worked with Chana Anushik Manhaimer on “The Real Life Show,” a project which fused together video games and the idea of civic resistance by low-income families being evicted. One is curious to see more works by these and other impressive up-and-coming talents such as Ye’ala Brazilai. The exhibition is held at two locations: at the school (9 Ha’ayin-Het St.) and at Beit Canada (22 Shivtai Yisrael St., fourth floor).


Attend a free online screening of The Dolphin on Wednesday, July 20, at 8 p.m. followed by a discussion with director Yonatan Nir. The film depicts the refusal of an Arab-Israeli father to accept that his son needs to be admitted to a mental hospital; instead, he takes him to Eilat to swim with dolphins. The young man is suffering due to a brutal assault he endured in the city of Qalansawe. Admission is free but register online at: https://www.yonatannir.com/dolphin. Screening and discussion are in Hebrew.

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