LOVE PITA by Adva Drori. (photo credit: Hila Abrhamzon)
LOVE PITA by Adva Drori. (photo credit: Hila Abrhamzon)
Jerusalem highlights July 22 – 28


Be first at the door at 10 a.m. to visit the massive Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design graduates’ exhibition on Mt. Scopus before it closes forever at 2 p.m. This is the last chance to view The Final Countdown by Orr Amit and Aya Yohat, a hilarious animated short film about how teens who hung out at Dizengoff Center Mall use their manga and anime skills to build a portal to another world to escape a nuclear holocaust. 

Tal Darmon and Orian Melamed present an incredible English-speaking animated short. Titled “Sky’s About to Rain,” it is an exploration of the Arthurian myth about the sword in the stone and the ideal of the warrior knight wisely retold (you can watch the trailer on YouTube). These films, and others, are shown at the Screen Based Arts Department.

Party with recent graduates of the Bezalel Art Academy Industrial Design department at 11 a.m. at Hansen House (14 Gedalyahu Alon St.). Titled Path Ways, it includes textile works that take on the semi-desert climate of this land (Roni Yehezkel) and how plastic plates and cups can be reused as a status symbol (David Shatz). Last chance to visit; the exhibition closes for good at 2 p.m.

Did you finish art school recently, live in Jerusalem, and would love a studio space to work at? You have 48 hours to reach out to Jerusalem City Hall and, God willing, be given a room of your own at the New Gallery Artists’ Studios. Email: [email protected] or call Noa Weiss at (02) 546-8892 to learn more. Read up on what is needed (in Hebrew) and remember, you have until midnight tomorrow to send your application. Visit: to learn more.

 NURIEL GAVISH’S ‘Fibro-Glam Kit’ on display at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. (credit: Maya Zanger-Nadis) NURIEL GAVISH’S ‘Fibro-Glam Kit’ on display at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. (credit: Maya Zanger-Nadis)


Head North to listen to a double heavy metal concert. It starts with Winterhorde, a Haifa-based group active for two decades. Then pick up a new favorite, Orpheus Blade, with its female vocalist Adi Bitran. Both bands sing in English. Wunderbar, 18 Derech Hativat Golani, Haifa. Concert starts at 8:30 p.m. NIS 50 per ticket. Call 052-809-0910 or visit

Free movie night: Join a Jerusalem Film Festival movie truck screening at 8:30 p.m. and enjoy Tamar Foren’s Homeboys. A documentary about Amir Sade (one half of the Amir VeBen hip-hop duo; Ben Maor is the other half) who travels to Uganda to help Sudanese youth deported from Israel become hip-hop stars. Location: Aharonov Street in the Beit Hakerem neighborhood. Learn about future screenings and their locations at


Buy honey for Rosh Hashana in July, by investing in honey of hope. The Sinsila Center teaches women who live in the eastern part of the city how to keep an organic beehive on their roofs. One hundred women already do; now the center aims to teach 500 more.

When you invest in hope honey you are actually buying in advance honey that you will hold (or taste) in September. You can go small with a NIS 40 honey of hope jar (250 gr.) or go “nuts” and take the grand tour, collect honey from a beehive, meet a course graduate, pick up a jar to go, and donate as much as you would like. Visit or call Tariq Nassar at 050-220-4032 to learn more.

Free movie night: Join a Jerusalem Film Festival movie truck screening at 8 p.m. and enjoy the 1952 classic Singin’ in the Rain. Location: Independence Park, City Center.


Enjoy the greatest hits of musician Yakir Sasson and his band at Nocturno Live (7 Bezalel St.) for 20 NIS per ticket at 9 p.m. Songs for this evening include “Lokeach et Hazman,” “Thabil Tirbach,” and “Get your foot off the Gas Pedal.” Visit to purchase tickets. Doors open at 8 p.m.


Weld metal, paint or carve wood without paying anyone and without pre-registration at Hamiffal (3 Hama’aravim St.) from 2 to 8 p.m. as part of Pirtza. Experienced artists will guide you, but if you already know how to work with the materials, you are warmly invited to follow your muse and transform your ideas into a tangible creation. Pirtza is ongoing, so if you miss this week, visit next week.


DJ Tai Rona will rock tonight at 11 p.m. at the Jerusalem Cinematheque After Party as part of the Jerusalem Film Festival. At half past midnight, singer Ziv Barashi will offer a live performance. Return tomorrow at midnight to enjoy the music of the Electro-Beat Band Garden City Movement. Free admission.


Learn about the greatest heist in the history of Israeli museums at a special 6 p.m. guided tour at the Museum for Islamic Art (2 Hapalmach St.). In 1983 a priceless watch created by Abraham-Louis Breguet for non-other than Marie Antoinette was stolen, along with more than 100 other watches in the collection.

This crime remained unsolved until 2004. If you enjoy true crime tours, and widows who discover cardboard boxes filled with stolen treasures, this tour is for you. The tour is in Hebrew, and an admission ticket to the museum is needed. Tours take place each Thursday until Thursday, August 25.

Visit 110 Jerusalem Blvd. in Jaffa to enjoy a one-night-only art celebration from 6 p.m. onward. Titled “Jaffa 110,” the Mishlama building will become a bread-baking site with Adva Drori, who will erect a protest tent and invite visitors to bite into delicious Arabic and Hebrew baked goods.

Ala Haytham will include audience members in her efforts to make a floor painting and teach how to dance the debka. Tal Boniel will connect a whale, which died on the shore of Jaffa last month, with the 1983 bronze whale created by Ilana Gor now at the Old City of Jaffa. Free admission.

Watch the 2022 stop-motion animation film Everything will be OK by Cambodian director Rithy Panh at 1:45 p.m. at the Jerusalem Cinematheque (Hall 2, shown with English subtitles). The title is taken from a shirt slogan worn by a young protester killed in the Myanmar protests.

The film explores a world in which humanity is gone, and animals alone are left. Panh will discuss the film with the audience after the screening. This is a unique chance to meet one of the top filmmakers working in Cambodia today.

Throwing a good party? Opening an art exhibition or a new bar? Bringing in a guest speaker to introduce a fascinating topic? Drop me a line at [email protected] and let In Jerusalem know about it. Send emails with “Jerusalem Highlights” in the subject line. While all information is welcome, we cannot guarantee it will be featured in the column.

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