(photo credit: ADI ORNI)
(photo credit: ADI ORNI)


What book did Gal Gadot post about on Instagram?

Several days ago, Gal Gadot’s 51 million Instagram followers were shown her story featuring a photo of the book “My Everything: The Parent I Want to be, The Children I Hope to Raise.”

Snap shoot from Gal Godot's Instagram Snap shoot from Gal Godot's Instagram

Gadot is a mother of two who is currently pregnant. The international star, whose recommendation also appears on the cover of the book, did not recommend it as part of a marketing collaboration but simply praised the author, Einat Nathan, after she read and enjoyed the book, which was published in Israel about three years ago, under the name “Haimsheli.”


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“Haimsheli” was the most popular book in Israel in 2018 and continues to be a bestseller.

Nathan is a parenting expert and counselor from Tel Aviv and a mother of five. Today she is a leading figure in her field and is well-known for her books (her second book will be published soon), lectures, appearances on TV and radio, and articles in newspapers and websites.

She combines her professional and personal experience in her work, and writes candidly about the challenges of modern parenting in a way that reaches an audience of parents who do not necessarily connect to the classic expert figure who looks down on them and judges them.

Photo Credit: Adi Orni

These days, Nathan is directing her attention to the international arena.  Simultaneously with the publication of the English version of her book, Nathan speaks for companies, organizations, and in North America as well. The rights to the book have been acquired by publishers in Russia, China, South Korea, Croatia, Turkey, and the Netherlands.



The author’s English website:  https://myeverythingbook.com/

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/einatnathan/

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