Illustrative photo of Tel Aviv University Alumni  (photo credit: TEL AVIV UNIVERSITY ALUMNI ORGANIZATION)
Illustrative photo of Tel Aviv University Alumni (photo credit: TEL AVIV UNIVERSITY ALUMNI ORGANIZATION)


TAU alumni help raise funds for students
At a time when many academic institutions, all around the world and in Israel specifically, are fighting to raise funds, the Tel Aviv University Alumni Organization has launched an innovative and surprising scholarship initiative for TAU students: about 25 leading and renowned figures from different fields, from economics to media, from the arts and social activism to high-tech, all TAU alumni, agreed to donate their time for a personal meeting, face-to-face, with anyone who raises a full scholarship donation of 12,000 NIS.
The Head of the TAU Alumni Organization, Sigalit Ben Hayoun, shared: "When we contacted these people, they agreed without any hesitation to take part in this demonstration of solidarity and community responsibility, out of their important support of the organization's mission to cultivate a World-Changing Community and make our world a better place".

Among the participants in the project:
Avi Issacharoff, Creator of the Netflix hit series 'Fauda'; Udi Danino, Founder and CEO at SAIPS (acquired by Ford); Amir Guy, CEO at FiverrX, Partner at the Adler Chomski Grey Group & Chairman of the Israeli Association of Advertising Companies; Composer, Conductor, Pianist and Lecturer Gil Shohat; Dov Kotler, CEO of Bank Hapoalim; Actor, Comedian & TV Personality Dvir Bendek; Yoav Bruck, Owner of Issta Sport, Former Israeli swimming champion and Olympic Swimmer; Yuval Ben Neriah, Chef and Owner of the Taizu Group; Yuval Tal, Managing Partner at Team8 Fintech, Founder of Payoneer; Zipi Pines, Director and Producer, CEO and Artistic Director of the Baruch Ivcher Beit Lessin Theatre; Dr. Ron Tomer, Co-CEO of Unipharm and President of the Manufacturers Association of Israel; Prof. Ronni Gamzu, CEO of Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov); Prof. Ran Balicer, Chairman of the Israeli National Covid-19 Experts Advisory.

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