80-year-old woman murdered by homeless man

Jerusalem homeless man murders elderly lady with whom he had lived for about a month.

Handcuffed 260 R (photo credit: Reuters/Benoit Tessier)
Handcuffed 260 R
(photo credit: Reuters/Benoit Tessier)
An 80-year-old woman was murdered in the Gilo neighborhood of Jerusalem by a homeless man who had lived with her for about a month, police reported on Thursday night.
The woman’s children reported her missing to the police, firefighters and Magen David Adom on Thursday afternoon. Officials arrived at the apartment and found the door locked, and when they entered the apartment it was empty, so they continued their search throughout the city.
The son reported in the evening that his mother was still missing, so police returned to the apartment and saw the 61-year-old homeless man run inside and lock the door. Police broke into the apartment through the window and discovered the body of the woman.
According to the victim’s children, the man had arrived a few months earlier from Russia and had a history of mental illness, including hospitalizations in mental institutions. The man was immediately arrested and taken for questioning. He is not cooperating with the investigation.
On Friday, the suspect was remanded at the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court until Monday. The judge placed a media ban on any details identifying the victim.