Beit Yehonatan and Arab home parallel evacuation

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat: "We will not discriminate against Jews or in favor of Jews;" responsibility lies with 'Ateret Cohanim.'

barkat (photo credit: Marc Israel Sellem)
(photo credit: Marc Israel Sellem)
Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat said on Saturday that the evacuation of Beit Yehonatan, the seven-story building constructed illegally by Jews in east Jerusalem’s Silwan neighborhood will occur parallel to the evacuation of the Arab Abu Nab home, located in what was once a Yemenite synagogue in the 1940s.
A statement by the spokesperson for city hall stated that Barkat would not take responsibility for the evacuation.
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"Barkat coordinated with the police that if 'Ateret Cohanim' members demand that the government carry out evacuation orders applying to the Arab residents in a structure that used to be a synagogue in the Yemenite village of Silwan located about 100 meters from Beit Yehonatan- then on the same day the sealing of Beit Yehonatan will take place."
The Israeli courts have issued rulings that Beit Yehonatan should be sealed immediately, however Barkat has so far ignored the orders.
"We will not discriminate against Jews or in favor of Jews," he explained.