Hundreds attend funeral of brothers who drowned

Two more Saraya brothers found by police scuba divers Saturday ending three-day search for men swept away by current.

ZAKA rescuers search Ashkelon Coast  for missing brothers 37 (photo credit: ZAKA: Boaz Ben-Ari)
ZAKA rescuers search Ashkelon Coast for missing brothers 37
(photo credit: ZAKA: Boaz Ben-Ari)
The three brothers from the Negev who drowned at Ashkelon week last week were laid to rest Sunday.
Thousands attended the funeral of 16-year-old Ataf Saraya , 26-year-old Nahed Saraya and 19-year-old Suleiman Saraya. The funeral was held in the Beduin village of Kuseifa near the family's home.
The search for three brothers who went missing off the coast of Ashkelon on Thursday came to an end on Saturday after police scuba divers discovered their bodies near Delilah Beach. The body of 19-year-old Suleiman Saraya was discovered on Friday morning.
An initial police investigation into the incident found that the youngest brother, Ataf and his cousin entered the water on Thursday in an area which was marked by signs warning against swimming due to strong currents.
The two began losing control in the water, prompting Ataf's brothers and an additional family member to enter the sea in hopes of rescuing them.
The three brothers were swept away in the current, while their cousin and additional relative managed to find their way to safety.
Police were alerted to the situation by a phone call from a sister of the Sarayas' who was ashore at the time.
Police immediately began searching for the brothers, suspending their search at nightfall on Thursday. On Friday morning they resumed the search, eventually locating and identifying Suleiman Saraya.
Searches ceased at dusk on Friday and resumed on Saturday morning. The youngest brother, Ataf, was discovered on Saturday morning, followed by Nahed several hours later.